Monday, January 31, 2011

DITA Faves
I love DITA, I def love the fact that they are all pretty much future hubby must know that we will def be sharing bc I LOVE these on guys as well-XOXO-NCG  

jack vartanian valentines edition

These jewls are pretty cool...diamond handcuffs "why not"??

Fishtail braid...My L.A Roomie looked amazingggggg with it!

Fishtail braid is awesome, ladies switch it up....+ a lil "something something" if need be...makes it that much more FUN! **wink**, I haven't tried it out but anyone can pull it off, next night out give it a try-XOXO-NCG

I'm ON IT!!!!! I lovveeeee DIY!

Def trying out this DIY project...anything CHANEL inspired that I can make myself I am ALL OVER! :) I personally think neon spray paint would look awesome as well....The products required are all relatively inexpensive & can all be found at your neighborhood Michael's. When I finish mine I will be sure too blog them-xoxo-NCG

Spring Scarf Action




Spring Season is right around the corner (THANK GOD :) I love each and everyone of these light scarves, I die over the JERSEY A.Mcqueen, & when is Pucci EVER not fab?? Boyfriend distressed jeans,white oversized T,Avis,& one of these bad-boys is a perfect spring look-XxXx-NCG #justmythoughts

Personal Faves at Bath & Body



I like 2 think of these products as the hidden gems at B&B, I mean sure we all know of Sensual Amber, Jap Cherry Blossom, & Coconut Lime, but the GOOD stuff is in the back :) These products make your skin super soft & smell amazing!!! The candles are aromatherapy and they smell JUST LIKE THE SPA! I LOVE THEM! Next time your there check them out-XOXO-NCG

Sunday, January 30, 2011

MAC Neon orange lips...

Who wants 2 blend in when standing out is SO much more fun! MAC is always coming out with something fun and these bright neon colors def caught my eye. Neon orange will be hot for the summer, something a little different from pink,nude, and red lips. If you visit a m.a.c counter try it on, see how you like it-XOXO-NCG 

Yum Yum Fellas :-)

My last shopping trip with my bestie Aron we stopped at the CHANEL counter and he picked up this yummy fragrance! Doesn't take much to sell him, shopping with him is always fun-XOXO-NCG 

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011



SAG awards in my opinion left alot to be desired, I posted these pics just to show what a few of my faves were wearing and ummmmm era yea they were just "ok", I would say that each of these dresses were dresses that u try on BEFORE you pick the ONE! But this is strictly my opinion-XOXO-NCG

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011


Ladies who doesn't like to see a Blue Box?? Well I haven't seen one in a while lol, so I thought I would take a peek at the website & see what I was missing out on, I feel in love with these bracelets. So just thought I would share! :)


Recently I have really gotten into jewelry making and my good friend jennifer sent me this email bc the bracelets that I recently made, are almost identical to these that were posted on this website. How ironic **hmph**

Knicks vs. Heat.....

I DO believe that he is starting to wear off on her. Alicia Keys is absolutely stunning and I would love to get my hands on her wardrobe and make some KEY CHANGES! But none the less these two look very happy together so that is why I originally posted this photo :) -XOXO-NCG 

Moment 4 Life.....

Nicki Minaj - New Music - More Music Videos
I love this song, the video ummmmmm well lets just say I have YET 2 see a NICKI or DRAKE video that I have been in love with, wheres Va$tie when u need her?? LOL-XOXO-NCG

Thursday, January 27, 2011

♥ ❤ ❥This lil guy ♥ ❤ ❥

FINALLY used my AA GROUPON....**Nicki's SHopping Cart**

So GROUPON is one of my faves & I snagged a $50 GC for $20 a few weeks ago, and spending it was actually harder then I would have imagined. I am a huge fan of AA bc they satisfy all of my "basics" needs. So after searching the website over & over again these are the choices that I decided on. Check with GROUPON they always have amazing little deals in your neighborhood -XOXO-NCG