Friday, October 21, 2011

"Dropped a lil change on these hater frames"

I'm Kinda OBSESSED with....BCBG Maxazria/Herve

LOVE LOVE LOVE BCBG Skirts and Dresses..They are without a doubt my "go to" when I want a fun sexy fit.-XOXO-NCG

Bring it Back...Bring it Back...Bucket Bags...#Classic

For those who grew up with Fashionista Mothers, than you know this was a CLASSIC...The coach Bucket Bag...Dooney... or Louis, they were all staples in my mothers handbag  collection. Both of my parents have amazing taste and have a love for finer things. I'm a mix of the two of them with a city mentality and southern upbringing. On my last trip to Virginia my mother and I went through some of her handbags, her collection is amazing and she has so many memories of when and where she was, when she bought each and every handbag. From the Louis Vuitton store in Monte Carlo to Gucci stores in St. Thomas, I love to listen to her storis of all the amazing places that her and my father travled to together. I decided to make this bag  a staple in my collection as well, she allowed me to bring a couple of her pieces back to NYC with me. So I just thought that I would share. Great Fashion is built on more than what you see in a magazine or a runway. Just food for thought-XOXO-NCG